We at Monbat are guided by values and policies that contribute to the satisfaction, growth and development of the company's employees. The Group recognizes the value of human capital and manages its corporate structure in line with ethical standards, anti-discrimination measures and moral responsibility. We maintain our relationships based on transparent mutual respect and equal opportunities. Our structure develops professionally and internationally, with almost 1000 employees based in 9 locations worldwide.

Monbat Economic Group is a reliable and secure partner. We focus on sustainable development and encourage the application of high ethical standards in every area of ​​our business.

In our relations with our employees, customers and partners, with society and the environment, we uphold the principles of fairness, accountability and integrity.

Our goal is to implement technology and design innovations, which enable us to anticipate the needs and expectations of our customers and partners. The concept of innovation reflects our desire to think and act outside the traditional approach and thus taking our ideas beyond boundaries.

We strive to improve and develop our work by applying best international practices; we also want to accumulate and transfer our knowledge and skills. At Monbat, we do our best to ensure our employees are constantly abreast with the latest trends and technologies on the world market.

Here at Monbat, we offer the opportunity for professional growth to all its employees through training courses and the chance to study while working.

An important step in the development of young and talented employees is the mentoring program, which supports the sharing of practical knowledge, and the individual development plans prepared after passing an assessment of the employee.

Sometimes even the smallest project can bring together a team of colleagues and inspire you to take a step forward.

We actively support all development possibilities and enhancement opportunities for its employees, both professional and personal.

The remuneration system in Monbat is in line with the our business strategy and is based on the principles of transparency and fairness. Every employee in our company has a certain role in achieving our goals and their remuneration reflects the importance of their role. Remuneration levels are directly linked both to the competency model for the position and to the company's goals, and answer to the implementation of key indicators, internal projects and complex tasks.

We also provide our employees with a package of social benefits and compensations, which depends on the specifics of the different positions and includes free food and medical examinations, family vacations at sea and in the mountains, flexible working hours and home office, team building and organizing of various sports and cultural initiatives.

Exciting opportunities can loom up at your current place of residence or guide you to a new home via Monbat’s relocation program.

For all relevant positions we support our successful candidates with relocation and migration assistance, providing a special relocation package.